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Z31 wont start

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  • Z31 wont start

    I have a 1986 300zx Base model, I bought it a few weeks ago motor ran and sounded strong when i bought it. I got it home and the car ran out of gas the cluster doesn't work. But since then i've put in new brake lines it sat for a few days i drove it around the block after that the hood some how unlatched and flew up the hydraulics. Caught the hood and i slammed on the brakes and ever since its been constant problems. It starts and runs rough then dies and I've recently replaced
    Cap, Rotor and Spark Plugs Wires
    For some reason it acts Like it wants to start then dies you can smell the gas and hear the fuel Pump kick on. The last part id think thatd need replaced is the Crank position sensor.
    If you have any questions or Tips and Tricks please Let me Know thank you If you could post a pic of your engine bay that would be great I do have a plug not plugged in and I do Not have a clue what it could be will post pics tomorrow
    Thank you!

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    You smell gas like it is running rich or leaking from the engine bay? The CHTS (cyl head temp sensor) on drivers side head can cause all kinds of problems running wise. Jump on Xenon and download the FSM it has so much info. Also since you ran the car out of gas it's possible you plugged the fuel filter.
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      Weíve checked out the engine bay so we have not found any leaks or anything. We just smell gas so we donít know where if it would be leaking from and yes I was told to change the fuel filter but Iíve ran out of money so Iím not sure Iíll post pics in just a minute


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          That looks like it could be your oxygen sensor connector. Before you start throwing more parts at it, check your connections at the AFM and other ignition sensors, look for any corroded contacts.
          download the (free) FSM from the link posted above and use it to check the ECU fail codes. That may narrow down what is failing.

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            Looks like that plug is for an automatic throttle position sensor, manual uses the single plug. Maybe your car was auto to manual swapped? Or somebody put an auto engine harness. Im not saying that's what your running issue is.Just my 2cents..
            Many moons ago I had a similar issue with the fuseable links next to battery, they looked fine from the outside but were broken on the inside, I believe it was the green wire ones for the fuel injectors. Or cylinder head temperature sensor is bad and causing the car to read -40 at the computer and dump a ton of fuel in. Id pull a spark plug to see if flooded out and causing your fuel smell. If it is majorly flooded be careful when you start cause i've seen them explode mufflers to pieces lmao. it's loud!!
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              Alright, thank you guys I will check it out tomorrow! Iím new to the 300zx community i know nothing about them and Iíve been stumped made many dealership runs to check statics on it my automated cluster donít work so I canít see when Iím outta gas but says when Iím low fuel. I only paid 300$ for it not a bad car just want it to run like it did if it was brand new. Will let you guys know tomorrow! Thanks again!


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                Well somewhat good news somewhat bad we found there was a fuel leak we assume its coming from cylinder 6 due to it leaks down onto the steering column knuckle. We think itís the o ring on the injectorbut will keep posted