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Parklamp / Running lights...Trying to locate the short

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  • Parklamp / Running lights...Trying to locate the short

    Went to drive my 89Z the other day and the 15amp fuse for the parklamp / running lights was blown. It has the issue where the headlamps, fog lamps, brake lamps, turn signals all work, but no parklamp / running lights, headlamps won't pop-up and dash (speedo) lights are out.

    Got my FSM out and started tracing wires. I unplugged the two harnesses above the relays and fuses in the left kick panel area. The ones that are up and behind the speedo harnesses. Put another fuse in and it's still blowing. Those two unhooked disconnect all the front lights right?

    The rear lights look like they have a wire with no disconnect in it. I tried unplugging the taillamps, taillamp sensor and the tag lights plugs in the rear. Still blowing the fuse. Examined the wiring under the hatch mat and to the rear side running lights, but haven't been able to find where it's grounding out.

    Also pulled both sill plates off and checked under the carpet and up the back and up and under the rear seat (it's my 2+2) and couldn't find anything out of the ordinary.

    I know this is a somewhat common issue. Before I start cutting stuff, curious if anyone has had this issue and where their issue was.

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    Have you inspected the column switch and its connector? I had one that melted the terminal housing from a bad connection. Never had this issue before though.

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      I actually thought the switch was bad first and pulled the strg wheel and switch out and grabbed a spare one to test it. Should have checked fuses first. I haven't found anything exposed / melted yet. I wish there was a plug for the rear wiring like there is for the front, then I would know for sure if it was something in the rear or dash. I guess I'll look some more this weekend and if I can't find anything I'll pick a spot and cut the wire to the rear and try putting the fuse in again.

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    Forgot to update this...

    I figured it might be a short in the radio or behind it, pulled radio and temp controls out and unplugged everything. Put a new fuse in and all the lights came on and headlamps went up and down. Then I plugged the plugs in waiting for the fuse to pop...nothing.

    Replaced a few bulbs that were out while I had stuff out. I guess my Z self-healed.