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  • Fuel Level Sensor

    OK, I have been told the difference in the Digital and Analog Fuel Level Sensor is the color of the sheath that covers the wires.

    Digital is white and Analog is black, is this true?

    Having problems finding one that is accurate, current one is about a quarter tank off.

    Any means of adjustment to correct discrepancy on fuel level?

    Is disassembly and cleaning the bar recommended?

    Any pointers appreciated.

    Anyone with a good one that works for digital dash message me if you want to get rid of it.

    I also have heard Nissan made a 2 float replacement for the OEM, is this true.


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    I've not noticed the sheath color, but could be true.

    The bar is a huge variable resistor, like a volume knob (potentiometer) and in my experience trying to hit it, and the contacts in the float with some scotch-brite didn't make a bit of difference.

    It's submerged in fuel, so very doubtful if it's contamination causing it to malfunction. It's probably just wear. But you could try anyway, it's already broken.

    I've been lucky in that i was able to find a original style working fuel level sender to replace my faulty one in my Z with the digital dash.

    My other one with analog, i used the revised one with the traditional lever style and it fixed the issue i had with the analog dash gauge inaccuracy. (same PN as courtesy parts link below, but Amazon was a bit cheaper)

    Also, i found this:

    This box is what converts the analog signal from the sender to digital for the GLL dash, though strangely not all digital Z's seemed to have it. IF you have this box, and it's still working, the analog fuel sender should work for you. I recently picked up the revised sender from Courtesy Nissan: ... aXNzYW4%3D and it's working fine with my digital dash. The "discontinued" GLL model of the fuel sending unit was actually the exact same unit, but it also came with an updated signal converter box. If a new fuel sender doesn't clear up your problem, then it's possible your signal converter box is the issue and those are long gone, so you'd need to try and repair your existing one.

    The Digital dash (GLL) fuel level sender, revised model is : 25060-17P75 (Discontinued)

    The Analog dash fuel level sender, revised model is :25060-17P65

    There was a guy on here (Dafunkmonster) that was trying to reverse engineer and market a updated converter box (DAC) but i don't know if he ever did.

    Found in this thread:

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    • Dunkine
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      Talked on FB to XenonZCar back in June about the silver boxes too:
      "The box was added during a Service Campaign to correct an issue with accuracy of the digital gauges."
      " the box does more than convert the signal it offered dampening of the signal because of the new sending unit type. That was the reason the box was added post campaign. Not all z31s have the box because they didn't participate in the campaign."

      So there maybe a "campaign" silver box and a "converter" silver box. Do they both do the same thing, who knows...

    • Z_Karma
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      Ahh, that's good info. The old TSB pages are still up.

      TS85-034 & TS85-075 seem to address it.

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    When you say it's a 1/4 tank off, which way is it? Does it show empty and you can only put 11-12 gallons in, or do you go putt-putt with a 1/4 tank still showing?
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      Fill up, go 20 miles it drops to 3/4. Go to empty, takes about 12 to fill up.


      • dbruce
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        my 87T canada also has this problem ... I had the car for about a year and after I put in the Z32T fuel pump the problem started .
        I then replaced the unit with a new one ( this was back in 2002-3? ) and it was working .. I think this one was NOS so it was the old style . Six months later it starts doing the same thing ...
        Now I have bought one of the analog versions and I think the only thing is that it doesn't come with the silver box ... I'm going to try installing the new one in and see whats going on with the old one in there now ...

        Same sort of problem shows 1/2 tank at 7/8-3/4 full, 1/2 tank shows 1/4 tank

        Whats interesting is my 85NA analog fuel sensor has never failed . and I've had the car since 1995... geez ...
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      One last question because I don't know how familiar you are with the car. When you say empty, is that because all the green lines are gone, or because it's started it's countdown and it's flashing "E" next to the fuel gauge?
      '88 300zx 2+2-- Under the knife
      '17 Altima SL
      '17 NV passenger-- The paddy wagon--


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        Green lines are gone.