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Votlmeter not working even tho bettery is good

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  • Votlmeter not working even tho bettery is good

    I just bought an 87 NA 2+2. I'm pretty new at this. My voltmeter doesnt read even though my battery is fine. (oil pressure gauge doesnt work either) the previous owner said I need to replace the oil sending unit. However is there a chance that these gauges are just shot? Thanks!

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    Yep, there is a chance with 30yr old electronics, dried capacitors are a known failure mode.
    That cluster is easy to get at for you to inspect, (could be just a loose connection) and a replacement if required, pretty easy to source online.
    The oil sending units on nissan/datsuns are notorious for failing too.

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      I always thought that is the most worthless gauge ever. Why not an oil temp gauge instead?


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        I have a 87 NA auto as well and when I bought it, none of the the above mentioned gauges worked. I took them out and with the car running, I wiggled the connections on the back of the gauges. I saw movement and figured it was cold solder joints causing them not to work. I reflowed every solder joint and now they work like a champ.