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No letters or clock on climate control

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  • No letters or clock on climate control

    After wiring a new head unit and amp, nothing seems to be showing up on neither the head unit or digital climate control panel except for the backglow and Iím stumped. For a couple short brief moments, I did see the clock on the head unit but it went away. To avoid shorting anything out I used a metra harness adapter for dimming functionality. However, I figure this is probably not necessary as the head unit I am using does not come with a dimmer function anyway rather is lit up by the power wire itself. I would like to get some extra thoughts on this before I go splicing my stock harness and wiring my head unit directly.

    This is the adapter I used:

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    Have you checked your fuses?
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      Fuses are good, and nice and snug. I should also note that I tried just plugging in the climate control unit alone and still have just the orange backglow, even after unplugging the metra harness completely from the stock one. Now this is really boggling me as I havenít fiddled with or spliced any stock harnesses or anything


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        Iíve also noticed now my electric mirrors arenít working along with some of the interior lights.


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          there is no ground wire in the factory harness. where did you ground the radio?


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            I grounded it to the support bar under the dash. I should also note again that the head unit also has a backglow but no clock or letters.

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          Can you post a picture of what wires you connected where?

          ​​​​​​There should only be 3 or 4 wires connected in the radio area.