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    my 84 has an issue where I turn on the lights and they come on but don't go up. or I press the button to pop the lights up and they wont come up.
    the passenger side works but has no nut to hold the arm to the motor, so the motor turns but the light stays down all I need is the nut. the issue I'm having is with the driver side
    If I turn the knob on the back of the motor far enough, the motor turns by itself and the light goes up but the motor keeps turning until it is back in the down position then stops. when I turn the lights on, all the marker lights come on like they are supposed to. Im not sure what needs to be done here so I really need some help. this and the brake lights, tail lights, and signals not working are the only things keeping me from being able to drive it legally.

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    Mine were stuck when got my car running. I had to lube the motors and keep cycling them until they both came up at the same time. You could disconnect the motors power and turn them up by hand to drive legally until you resolve your issue
    Look at ma car!!
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