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Interior lights wont shut off

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  • Interior lights wont shut off

    So just a little history, I just bought a 1987 z31, that has been sitting for 15 year or at least that is what they told me. I have been going through it, got it running but have one problem I can't figure out. I can't get the interior lights to shut off. First question is there a manual switch somewhere that can turn the lights off an on, it may just be on and i don't know it. the only other thing I can think of is if the door switch isn't working. I only saw a switch on the drivers door, not the passenger, and I don't see one on the hatch. If it is the drivers door switch is there a way to wire it so the lights will stay off. I just need to fix it so it doesn't drain my battery.

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    Check that the body switches off the doors are engaging .... Security engaging ? ( you can remove the fuse to disable that ) there are switches for the top interior lamps ... check those

    Also there is a adjustment for the instrument lighting ... brightness .... left side of steering wheel ...


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      There's switches on both doors, the hood, and the trunk.
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        Originally posted by mwolvinm View Post
        There's switches on both doors, the hood, and the trunk.
        yes those too


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          The cover on the switch in the doors get broken and that leads to the switches being broken, so you need to replace the switch once the rubber is fried. Both of mine have been replaced years ago.