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Interior lights wont shut off

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  • Interior lights wont shut off

    So just a little history, I just bought a 1987 z31, that has been sitting for 15 year or at least that is what they told me. I have been going through it, got it running but have one problem I can't figure out. I can't get the interior lights to shut off. First question is there a manual switch somewhere that can turn the lights off an on, it may just be on and i don't know it. the only other thing I can think of is if the door switch isn't working. I only saw a switch on the drivers door, not the passenger, and I don't see one on the hatch. If it is the drivers door switch is there a way to wire it so the lights will stay off. I just need to fix it so it doesn't drain my battery.

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    Check that the body switches off the doors are engaging .... Security engaging ? ( you can remove the fuse to disable that ) there are switches for the top interior lamps ... check those

    Also there is a adjustment for the instrument lighting ... brightness .... left side of steering wheel ...


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      There's switches on both doors, the hood, and the trunk.
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        Originally posted by mwolvinm View Post
        There's switches on both doors, the hood, and the trunk.
        yes those too