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  • CHTS connection

    While doing a complete timing belt replacement, including cam seals, crank seal, waterpump,thermostat, CHTS sensor and CHTS subharness, the CHTS connector that is a permanate part of the engine harness completely fell to pieces. My question is can another aftermarket connector, male and female halves be used as a replacement?

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    You can get another pair of automotive 2 pin connectors and replace them both. It will look different, that's all. Hacking up a new CHTS subharness would be a shame though. You could just make a new subharness in that case.


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      Thank you kaur but does it make a difference if the wires are reversed? I have read of some other CHTS for other cars have no polarity. What about ours? They can or cannot be wired backwards. Thanks


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        Both connectors are directed, i.e. you cannot plug them in wrong. When you replace the connectors, you can keep the polarity. If the old connector broke so badly that you can't tell the direction then you can look up wire colors from the FSM.