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My turn signals don't work

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  • My turn signals don't work

    My hazards work fine but my turn signals don't. It's been like this since the last time I had my SS running back in April or so. About 2 weeks ago while I was installing the wiring for the Microtech I decided to try the turn signals and they worked. They were flashing fast because the front bumper with the turn signals was removed. But now everything is running OK except for the turn signals.
    I think I checked the column mounter switch last time and it was OK. What else do I check or look for?
    Shiro #443

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    your flasher relay
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      Is that in the black relay box in the engine compartment? It's raining now over here and I'll have to trouble shoot later in the week.
      Shiro #443


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        84z31 wrote: your flasher relay
        His hazards wouldnt work if this were the case