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Chts and injector starting problems.

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  • Chts and injector starting problems.

    I have an 85 z .starts with fluid for 3-5 seconds. Fuel pump comes on but seems like injector problem. After 3-5 starts with ether it'll idol on its own assuming Injectors now firing for 15-20 seconds and bogs out. I have 23 13. 2 years ago it would have to have throttle wide open and cranked 15-20 seconds and car would run fine. My chts read ol or open my dad says like it an open connection or loop I guess with his volt meter.what's it suppose to read? At 70 degree heat weather. Is there anything that'll kill injectors intermittently or keep them from firing off the bat fuel pump seems to be pumping. I may put fuel check valve is there one on the return side or on fuel pump end. I have valve stem hooked up to check pressure after fuel filter and has no pressure directly after car is killed. Just thought maybe it needed it or check valve
    . Car sparks and starts right up with ether 3-5 seconds. Any grounds or other connections Injector related and will chts cause fuel injector problems . I read people having ecu problems and.swapping ecus. I have two that came with car ones an 84 turbo ecu and 88 maxima ecu. Will the maxima ecu work the same as an 88/300zx ecu. Car has stock ecu I believe looks to be in good condition. I pulled both covers and checked all ecus did not see any burns or melt marks. I didn't look in between what's on the exterior tho.