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NA2T idle air control wiring questions

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  • NA2T idle air control wiring questions

    I have a question pertaining to wiring up Turbo idle air components on an NA2T build. Let me preface by saying that I do not have the corresponding connector from my Turbo parts car, and therefore I am going to be using the NA connector, simply changing out the wires. I have read the write-up on, but I am a little confused about the "other" two wires. I understand, and have picked out of the connector, the necessary blue and black wires that need spade connectors. My question is about the remaining two wires: the yellow w/h green stripe and the black. I removed the connector from the Turbo component, but all I found there were two black wires. I need to know which wire corresponds to which.

    The blue and black wires "picked" out of the connector, leaving the yellow w/h green stripe and black still encased.

    Turbo idle up component minus connector. Both wires are black?

    Simply put... I need to know which of these black wires goes to the yellow w/h green stripe wire, and which one goes to the corresponding black. I've tried to check the FSM, but I can't find a clear cut explanation.
    1985 300ZX Z31 2+2 VG33ET (running!)

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    Is your EFI harness from an 85 NA?
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      Yes, the harness is from an '85 NA 2+2. The Turbo idle components are from an '85 Turbo automatic, California emissions (if that matters).
      1985 300ZX Z31 2+2 VG33ET (running!)


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        Looking at the FSM E.C.C.S. wiring diagram EF & EC-8, it shows Y/G & B going to the FICD Solenoid and L (blue) & B/W going to the Aux Air Ctrl Valve.
        Is that what you are going by?

        On Xenon, is he saying to hook up the Fast Idle Control Diagram? For when you turn A/C on, etc. Or the AAC valve?

        Might be easier to ask him direct on his FB page:

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          Yes. That sounds correct. My issue is exactly which wires the yellow w/h green stripe and black wire match up with. Both wires coming off the FICD solenoid side are black, which is what is confusing me. Obviously the yellow w/h green is going to be hot, while the black will be ground (going by standard wiring logic, which could be wrong, of course). Unfortunately, I don't know on the FICD solenoid side which wire corresponds to hot and which for ground. The write-up I read doesn't cover those two wires at all, just the blue and black w/h white stripe.
          1985 300ZX Z31 2+2 VG33ET (running!)


          • Dunkine
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            I'm no electrical engineer, but polarity may not matter.

            "If the current in the solenoid is now reversed, the magnetic field of the solenoid will reverse but, since the induced polarity of the plungers will also reverse, the direction of the pull on the plungers will be unchanged."


            Which might be why both wires are the same color.

          • albionwanderer86
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            I wondered if polarity mattered, maybe it doesn't. Like I said, I can't find anything written up about these two wires, save for you use them on the FICD. I guess I could always apply power and ground to the wires on the solenoid and see if I get a response either way... thanks for looking into it.