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A little help on possible fuel issue, sometimes it will not start until much later.

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    Good morning all, it's been about a month that I have been on here and the problem had continued. I didn't want to keep a thread or post going on and on without resolution. I believe the problem has been fixed finally. I replaced the CAS and it worked fine for about 5 days and then started acting up doing the same hot start issues as before. I did some general tune up things like cap and rotor too. The problem was still there and had gotten worse, leaving me stranded under the Interstate overpass last Sunday. I ordered a replacement MAF from Steve @ 300zxpartsforyou. It arrived Wednesday the 28th and I have not had a single issue at all. It has consistently started and restarted hot or cold. That was about 300 miles ago already. Thank you Steve for fast shipping and a honest approach. Now I can finally get down to replacing bushings and all things rubber that are dry rotted like ball joints, linkage and such.