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Electrical Gremlins - Injectors Edition

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  • Electrical Gremlins - Injectors Edition

    I brought a 85 N/A 300zx that had been sitting for about 10 years, had no spark, put a new CAS, a new power transistor, and got a decent coil and it fired right up and drove decently. Went to my local DMV and titled it, and now it won't run at all unless I use ether. figured fuel pump could use a refresh since you could hear it scream from outside the back of the hatch, so A new one is coming, but i pulled the fuel line today and found that when I put the key to on, and the pump primes all day, and fuel comes out of the hose pretty consistently. I pulled an injector wire and put a test light on the neg bat terminal, and harness and found what looked like 12 volts on both sides, and it wasn't pulsing with the cranking of the engine. So I turned the key off, and wouldn't you know that both terminals still have voltage, ignition fully off? After some research I'm leaning towards a short in the injector harness, but wanted to see what other input you guys had to offer. Any ideas?
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    Definitely replace your fuel filter first and see if that gets the car to start. Since you have a fuel pump on the way you should probably check the inside of the fuel tank. I've seen posts where the fuel tank gets super rusted and it screws with the fuel delivery system. Check your plugs, wires, distributor cap for corrosion, check fuel line for pressure, etc. Search the forum for issues with injectors.
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      If you do indeed have 12V on both terminals of the injector, it won't work of course. Is it the same for all injector connectors or just one? Probably not a safe situation for the ECU.