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Valve cover gasket

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  • Valve cover gasket

    Well, I've come to the realization that taking off the rubber valve cover gaskets is similar to pulling teeth. I've found no effective methods to pry it off, it's coming off in tiny pieces and I feel I am doing massive damage to the seat. I actually bent part of the cover near a screw hole today trying to get it off. Anybody have any effective methods of scraping it off?

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    thanks for finding that thread ... I have a new set of felpro gaskets and I was wondering how hard a job this was going to be ...


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      The rubber can become sticky to the head, you should be using a rubber mallet to pop them off. Using a flat head to pry them off is a big no-no


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        Thankfully I did no damage to the head. I will be buying a different driver side valve cover though... Seems like even the smallest dent will cause a leak
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          This is not the case.

          clean mating surfaces with iso-alcohol, use petro-jelly or 10-30 to lube with the new ring gasket. The valve cover gasket uses tabs.

          retighten after a few hundred miles or heat cycles. replace the screws and use new drill bits for s good bite.