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  • missing? hestiation.

    I am looking for help on where to start with my Z. It is an 86 turbo, with about 85,000 miles. Lately it has been hard to start. taking a few tries before it will start. I had it out yesterday for a drive and it was missing and hesitating very badly under normal driving conditions, and would work better with higher revs. i thought that I might not make it home! I noticed it was worse after the car warmed up a little. I also noticed while stopped at traffic lights, the car would shake while sitting still. Any thoughts on where to start, and what the problem might be, would be greatly appreciated.

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    It'll be the same basic troubleshooting that is used for all OBD1 cars... Check for ECU codes, look for vaccum leaks, pull the spark plugs and look for signs of bad combustion. Check for vacuum leaks, ect. Try to narrow down the system that is causing the trouble. When's the last time it had a tuneup? Is the cap and rotor worn? Those types of things.
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      thanks for getting back to me, I put in a new fuel filter and changed the coil with a spare one i have with no change. I am going to check for codes and vacuum leaks then move onto the plugs, wires and rotor. I have had the car about 4 years, and will check the pile of receipts that came with the car from the previous owner, to see when it may have been last tuned up. I will post updates as i check things out.


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        look for unmetered air and the MAF , electrical connections ... electrical contact spray is your friend ...


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          I have an FSM, it looks like i will be busy. youtube andGoogle will also come in handy