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Rich exhaust smell

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  • Rich exhaust smell

    I recently got my 86 turbo running pretty smooth. Only problem or what I think is a problem is the somewhat rich fuel smell coming from the exhaust. There is a slight hazy white smoke but it doesn't seem to be there all the time. I only smell the fuel when standing towards the back of the car, can't really smell it in the engine bay. Anyone know where I should start looking or if the fuel smell is just normal for these cars or older cars in general? Maybe a stuck open injector? I'll check tomorrow to see if any of the injectors aren't opening correctly.

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    Additions to the post that might pertain to this:

    I am not completely sure if the exhaust system is all stock. Doesn't seem like it from the muffler anyways and I am not sure if it has a cat, I will check to see if there is one down there. If there isn't, would that produce a fuel smell out the exhaust?

    I also have not checked the FPR to see if the top vacuum line smells of gas, will try to do that tomorrow.

    Another thing I should note is that the exhaust tip seems to be covered in a black or "sut" substance. It's been like this since I've got the car. While it is running or if I rev it up the car doesn't seem to really blow out any sort of smoke other than the hazy white smoke as mentioned above.
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