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Knock or engine noise?

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  • Knock or engine noise?

    So as I was checking the engine bay to see if any injectors were leaking and to see if the vacuum line from my FPR smelled of fuel for my last problem, which to clarify none of the injectors were leaking and the vacuum line did faintly smell of fuel. There is also faint sort of wispy white smoke coming from the exhaust whenever revving.

    Now, as I was running the engine, I felt like I hear a faint knocking noise. No loud ticking or metallic sounds that I can tell but I feel like I haven't noticed this noise before. It does speed up at I give it throttle but was wondering if anyone could please confirm whether I am hearing knock or not! Checked my oil level and that seemed normal, as well as oil color. I also couldn't hear it from inside the car. I'm kind of freaking out because I've been putting so much work into this car to try and get it running reliable and I wouldn't have the time, money or tools to fix rod knock or anything internally in the engine.

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    After listening again and also examining other videos of people who actually had rod knock I've decided that I was just worrying too much about nothing. From what I have heard in other videos it definitely isn't the same thing.