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Fusable link blows when i go over bumps

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  • Fusable link blows when i go over bumps

    Well i dont know if you're guys 300zx's came with this same fusable link setup but the fuse in question is a green 30 amp fuseable link.

    I have no clue what its for but i just took like a 30 mile drive just to make sure all the shit i did was fine and it was except the idle is like 2.5 k and for some reason i cannot get it down....

    But what is that green 30 amp fusable link for ?

    i know the box those 4 fusable links come with is sopost to have a lid maybe with what there are on it ? but the shell dident come with that...

    But i know when it blows every thing that you need to turn the key to the on pos for Doesnt work * IE windows and etc.

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    moved to repairs...

    If your idle is stuck at ~2.5K then you have a stuck idle controller. Pull it off (FICD) and clean it out with brake cleaner or similar.

    If a fusible link is blowing then you have a short in that circuit. If it only shorts over bumps it may be harder to track down, but it can be done.


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      That is freakin tuff.....

      Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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        happend agian last night after i went for a LONG cruise.. Once i got into the drive way ........ When i was pusshing the clutch down to shift into 1st..

        Thought i might have been some connections i just had taped up with electrical tape... Replaced them all with crips...

        Put a new fuse in and went to sleep ...

        Woke up today to see if i fixed the problem....


        Because i went for a cruise ( 15 mins... ) Get home getting ready to pull into the driveway push the clutch down to put it in first...

        Then it does it agian!!!

        The only thing i have left thinking it is... Is maybe the walbro pump ???

        Maybe the fuel is getting on the connections some how or some thing like that?


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          if bumps cause it then you could have a short almost anywhere

          I suggest following the white cable out of that particular link to wherever it splits off and snip them.... install plain fuses to each branch so you can narrow down which is popping..... it's safe to use the same 30A size since whichever is blowing it is exceeding 30


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            Check the wires anywhere they pass through a metal panel.
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              The fuel "getting on the connections" would not cause your problem. You have something shorting or grounding out somewhere in your wiring. Check for any specific splicing you may have done or any alterations to the stock harness.
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