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Rear wheel bearings

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  • Rear wheel bearings

    Forum newbie, but long time 1986 Dark Red Metallic Z31 owner here. The car has been sitting several years, waiting for new rear wheel bearings, and I finally got around to it. I did not check Nissan part availability, and went aftermarket. I 'd like to share what I found about the parts availability. Perhaps shamefully, I used the WJB WBRW101 for the inner bearing; 60 cents at Rockauto. I have had decent luck with economy bearings; I saw nothing wrong with it, and so far so good. It has the correct one-side dust shield. The outer bearing was more of a challenge. I ordered a WJB RB6207; whoops no dust shield. I checked the National 207 locally; same problem. Rock auto pictures the SKF 6207RSJ with a dust shield, however it must be a rare bird to be priced at $41.79! I passed. Looking further, I found the SKF 62072RSJ, a manual transmission countershaft bearing for a 2006 Dodge Dakota or Ram1500, on wholesaler closeout for $12.00. This is the exact same bearing, except it has dust shields on both sides. It's easy to pop one off. It worked fine. These seem to be somewhat more plentiful; I saw some on ebay for reasonable prices. The other possibility is a Beck Arnley 0513608, $13.46 at Rock Auto, with 11 remaining. It is pictured with the dust shield; I did not order one, so I cannot confirm. I hope this will be of help to someone.

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    It's not dusty in there, they don't need them.


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      I think the reason Nissan engineered the rear bearings with a shield is they are exposed; e.g. nothing blocks moisture and debris from getting to the back side of the wheel hub, and thereby getting into the bearing.


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        When I did mine on my 85 it didn't have shields for the bearing. They didn't forget to put them on, that's the way they came. Probably nothing wrong with using one with shields though.


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          Dam where were you last year when I was doing rear bearings.
          Who needs new car's, Nissan had it right 30 years ago!!!