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Want to replace bushings in the front of the car not sure which to replace.

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  • Want to replace bushings in the front of the car not sure which to replace.

    Need to replace some bushings on the front suspension to get rid of shaking in the car and steering wheel. Not sure which ones I need to replace as I'm a beginner when it comes to fixing cars. Any ideas as to which I need to replace? I want to do that before i go and spend money on an alignment. My car is a 1987 300zx turbo if that changes anything.

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    First, welcome. What makes you think that bushings need to be replaced? Usually shaking in the steering wheel is related to a tire issue is it shaking only under braking? That's typically a rotor. Or is there a lot of slop in the steering or when cornering or accelerating/braking?
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      Well, it needs an alignment but I want to replace the old rubber bushings because they are cracking and need to be replaced. That's why I'm asking.

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    This may not solve your problem, but if it's front end bushings you're looking for, I have an extra set of tension control rod poly bushings I'll sell you for cheap.


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      I am currently in the process of replacing everything in my front end. I have my 87 NA auto and it started with a warped rotor and stuck caliper. Everything that could be old, worn, and brittle is in need of replacing. My outer tierods, my ball joints, my stabilizer linkage are all cracked and dry rotted. I am replacing my brake hoses because I have had issues in the past where it was not the rotor that was bad, but a swollen brake hose not allowing the fluid to flow back to the master. I am replacing the struts simply because I have it all apart, same with the control arm bushings (Polythane). I also am replacing the inner and outer bearings and seals as well as the rotors and calipers with new. Everything that I could get in Moog or Beck and ArnIey I did, the price difference is nominal. I should have it all back together and ready for an alignment by Monday morning. I'm stoked to see how she rides! It's not very complicated as long as you read the FSM, along with Haynes manual, and most importantly, having the proper tools to do the job. Vise-Grips are not your friend, use the proper tools and you will enjoy the results and all of the fellow members on Z31 Performance are helpful. I found it works best for me if I try to do my part and be resourceful. Good timing on the topic.