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Brakes bled but not working

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  • Brakes bled but not working

    forgive me but I'm going to post a question here that isn't necessarily z31 specific but...

    I rebuilt all my calipers and put them on. New brake pads, front rotors turned, new rotors in the back. Bled all the brakes perfectly fine. Once I finish the last caliper (front left?) I realize that none of the calipers have engaged onto the brake pad shims. No bubbles coming out of the bleeder. I thought it might be possible that I put the wrong caliper on the wrong side but from the information I've researched online the calipers are not side specific (seems like a load of crap). Is there a specific orientation the bleeder needs to be in i.e. I put them on the wrong side?

    My rears engage with the e-brake so the pistons are not stuck, it did take quite a bit of force to get the front pistons in though. My reservoir is not indicating I am leaking.
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    The bleeder valves on the calipers should be close the top. If the bleeder valve is on the bottom then the air bubbles will be trapped.

    Is there pressure at the pedal when you pump the brakes? if the calipers aren't engaging the pads then I would think the pedal is going to the floor when you push it.
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      Yes it was going to the floor. That must mean there is still air in the system if I’m not meeting resistance now that I think of it. I’ll check which way the bleeders are when I get home.
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        It has been a while, but I believe the parking brake is a drum type setup inside the rear rotors and don't use the brake fluid, but use a cable to activate them, so the parking brake working may indicate nothing about the rear brakes. And as said above, the calipers should have the bleeders on the upper side if them.
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          I had the front calipers on the wrong side. Moved them around and re-bled the system, now the calipers are engaging. Some wheels turn easier than others though so now I need to figure out why that is before I get an alignment today.

          My logic with the e-brake was that if the pistons weren’t moving at all then the issue lay within the caliper components but since they moved fine the problem was definitely related to fluid,
          '85 2+0 Turbo