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Power steering rack rebuild options

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  • Power steering rack rebuild options

    What are people doing when it comes to rebuilding power steering racks? Mine is shot along with the ball joints and such.

    Can a competent hydraulics shop tackle this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    I found kits like this on e-Bay but, don't know enough about the rebuild process or parts quality to say for sure. Thanks.
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      If you know someone in Southern California have them take it to ABC Axle 115 4th Ave #2810, La Puente, CA 91746. I asked the owner, he said he doesn't have the staff to ship in and out of his shop. I'd take it but I'm on the other side of the country now.


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        I'd buy the kit and watch enough youtuber tutorials until confidence overcomes hesitation.

        Then shelf the project for 6 months until that confidence distills into "fuck it, lets give it a try"

        Then put off an additional 2 weeks while i try to remember what i did with the damn kit.

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          Thank you for the replies. I'm paying a competent race shop to rebuild the rack but, I want to be sure I have the right kit. Also, I want to be sure that the parts quality is up to snuff. Thanks.
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            You could try getting OEM repair parts from Japan if you want to be sure of quality. These are part numbers for the seal kits for 87+, not sure about 84-86 but not hard to look up anyway
            2x 4929753A26 / 53A27


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              My mechanic just found a completely remanufactered unit all in one with a core return, it cost like $1100 installed but that was a few years ago. They are supposed to have a lifetime warranty, I think I put in 10 years ago and still rolling good. Yes, it is $$ but I live in the Bay Area where everything cost more.


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                Thank you for the replies. I lucked out... my mechanic found someone who will rebuild it for $300 including shipping. I will get the info so others in the same situation as me can benefit, too.
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                  That is crazy cheap you lucked out!


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                    cardone - rockauto ... I don't know the shipping costs ...

                    CARDONE 261855 {Click Info Button for Alternate/OEM Part Numbers} Remanufactured; Includes Inner Tie Rods - Return and Rebuild Service Only - You send your part to be rebuilt and returned to you. We'll email shipping instructions after you submit your order. Info

                    w/ Hydraulic Power Steering


                    When you order an R&R part, we'll collect your payment and send you instructions by email explaining where to send your old part. To send the part back for rebuilding, you can either purchase a discounted return label on our Order Status & Returns page (see "How much does return shipping cost?") or you can send the part yourself via a carrier like UPS or FedEx.



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                      I just changed out my ZX rack a couple months ago. I tried to buy a reman from Rock auto- they had 3 suppliers of these at reasonable prices. The problem was none of these companies were re-building racks at the time. There were some other places that sold remans, but their prices were out of sight. I ended up taking one from one of my part cars and installing it. I lucked out -- it worked great and did not leak I inspected it before I had it installed and there was minimal oil-build up on the rack and it looked like it had no leaks. I was also lucky that I did not have trouble removing the rack from my part car - since the motor was already out. The guy that helps me on my car projects said it was a bear to re-install a rack in my ZX. If you go this route and install a used one, besure and inspect it carefully for leaks and be sure to add a container of Lucas stop leak just to be safe. Hope this helps !