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  • Ground clearance help

    Working on suspension and trying to even out the back and front coil overs. Question is; what’s the lowest point on our cars? Oil pan? How low are you guys? Roads here in Oregon are pretty good where I’m at. My driveway would be the issue with scrapping. I’m about .5 inch away from max low on back coils. 1.4 inch on front left. Powerttix coil overs as well. What are you guys setting yours to?

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    That's difficult to give advise. It depends of your drivingskills and what you want.
    I drove already a car with 1 inch ground clearance, but now I'm older and don't like it anymore
    My Z now is gonna have a airride suspension. Problem solved :P


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      my Honda Prelude has 2 inch ground clearance. It's al what you want.
      But you have a coilover. You can always raise it or lower it more.