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Question about optimum timing/boost settings...

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  • Question about optimum timing/boost settings...

    I've got my timing set at 22-ish btdc and running 10 psi. Looking to find a good timing/boost balance for optimum power/reliability/drivability. I know I want too much but hopefully somebody can share their settings and some advice. Got all basic mods done, nuttin else special. Car runs great just want a little more power w/o just cranking the boost up. Will adding a few degrees timing help out? Mileage isn't a concern neither is maximum WOT performance. Car is mainly highway driven, will never see drag or auto-X. Please don't respond with recommendations for bolt on mods, I've got all in need in boxes ready to go (eventually).

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    can you provide a modification list?
    Funny stories!


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      I have run 22º and from 22º-25º there was not much change in top end power, mostly torque. But that was when I ran 94 octane and I was on a T25. My black car ran 14.2@99 and it was automatic with some timing thrown at it, 12psi and 104 unleaded sunoco.

      We are going to have to hook up sometime.
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        Quick mods list:
        86T w/ 24K (T3)
        Fresh tune up
        UR pulley
        3" CM turbo back as of tomorrow
        Jason's poly engine & tranny mounts
        Illuminas/Eibachs in rear
        ST sways w/ poly bushings front & rear

        Yeah NIVO, we'll have to meet up for a drive. Not many of us round here, more in NJ and LI. Thanks for the response, I'm gonna do some more driving and dial it in a little better.