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    zfast88z heck, he's in your quote...... sorry, I didn't wriet his full screen name..... Alot of people do the same thing, seems most people figure it out..... anyway. I think the guy mighta gotten shuned enough not to even look here anymore.....


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      Originally posted by ZFast88Z View Post
      Offset grind the crankshaft to reduce stroke, knife edge and polish counterweights. Better yet have a new billet crank made.
      Titanium rods to reduce rotating assembly weight.
      Custom pistons. 12:1 compression, specificy lightest weight possible
      Send the cylinder heads out, have the professionally ported, digitized and then keep the file for yourself. Don't forget oversized valves, preferably in titanium with proper seats and springs.
      Camshafts should be custom ground.
      Staged injection with individual throttle bodies
      Equal length tubular exhaust manifolds
      Lightweight flywheel for triple disc clutch. Centralize as much mass as close to the centerline of the crankshaft as possible. A carbon driveshaft wouldn't hurt.
      Dry sump lubrication system to assist with crankcase vacuum.
      Electric water pump for drag reduction.
      He'll run with no alternator, just buy a good battery.
      There. NA build for you. Open the pocket book Mr. money is no issue.
      Thanks for this........

      Im about to blow my trust fund.