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Misaligned clutch?

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  • Misaligned clutch?

    Spent most of yesterday trying to put my transmission back in.

    After I replaced my pilot bushing I tested the clutch alignment tool and it was not sliding into the crank. I ended up shaving some of the alignment tool down, maybe less than a millimeter, and it ended up fitting snugly. Testing the clutch alignment tool on some of my backup pilot bushings and it didn’t seem like it could cause any misalignment, but lo and behold the transmission is not sliding into the crankshaft. When I turn the engine the output shaft turns, though, meaning the splines are aligned.

    Did I mess up my clutch alignment?? If so how am I supposed to align the clutch if any new clutch alignment tool won’t fit.

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    I would remove the pilot bushing, inspect, and reinstall. It sounds as if it isnt seated correctly.
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      I did not have the foresight to check and see if the pilot bushing slid on my input shaft. I am confident that the bushing was too small and that I should have shaved it down a hair. See this post

      Live and learn. I started bolting the transmission to the car so hopefully I didn't screw anything up. I'm going to drop it back down tonight and replace the bushing.
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        Replaced the pilot bushing and checked all tolerances, bought a new clutch alignment tool and set the clutch and pressure plate back up. Still the transmission is not getting all the way in. Starting to feel helpless. I keep getting stuck about half an inch back. This time I made sure the pilot bushing was all the way back in the hole. I have the correct clutch kit for my car.

        Probably going to tow it to my mechanic and have him put it on
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          Originally posted by waynedwops42 View Post
          Probably going to tow it to my mechanic and have him put it on
          NOOOOO!!!! Don't give up... If you're getting all the way to 1/2 inch from home, then it's probably a minor alignment issue. Maybe a dowel pin on the engine to tranny or the engine needs to be jacked up in the front or back.

          Sometimes when I get stuck, I drink a beer, walk away, then the darn thing falls together.

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            Just realized I put the flywheel on wrong, too. I thought I didn't need to mark the flywheel at the time I took it off because the factory yellow paint splotch was at the top of the engine. I thought to myself "duh put the yellow paint back at the top". Fast forward four months after I reinstalled the timing belt and it didn't even cross my mind that the crank had turned when I put the flywheel back on. I have no idea which way the flywheel should be oriented. How screwed am I?
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