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Larger throttle body on my VG30E

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    balls are touching


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      I am not that familiar with the twin throttled cars. My own Maxima is the same as the Z cars V6. I know there is another type of Maxima with two butterflys. Next to one another in an arrangement...Is this what is meant by 'balls touching'?


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        At least we know who to turn to for the math. I know the math, but too lazy to actually do it.

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          OK I just don't understand some PM


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            Does anyone know if I can put an NA throttle body on my turbo Z31 ? Since it's hard to find for throttle body that comes from a turbo Z


            • Dunkine
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              Are you asking if you can put a N/A Z31 throttle body on a Turbo or a 240SX throttle body on a turbo?

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            just need to match the 60mm tb to the machines intake mani ... ie get your dremel tool out ... and connect your throttle cable ...


            • mwolvinm
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              I think this is applicable to the KA24/Stanza throttle body. IIRC, the OP wants to put an NA Z31 TB on a Turbo car. I haven't seen anything to show they are different from each other but could be wrong.