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What if I delete the EGR, AAC, and Air regulator?

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  • What if I delete the EGR, AAC, and Air regulator?

    I know the pros/cons of EGR delete are discussed elsewhere in the forum, but what would happen if I deleted and plugged/blocked off ALL three of those pesky units cluttering up the intake plenum and getting in the way of the plugs and injectors?

    -It all started with the application (a swap into an older datsun) - so I'm using a different rack and pinion (so the z31 rack and PS pump are gone) and the car won't accomodate A/C- hence reducing the need for the AAC

    Other than cold start-up issues, would it really run poorly?

    Also, I note on my donor car, which seemed to run pretty well, that the o2 sensor connector wiring had been traumatically severed - so it's been running with no 02 signal - what has the ECU been doing with the absence of signal? - I definitely plan to repair this, of course, for proper timing/fuel inputs.
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    The car will run flawlessly with those idle controls removed. A lot of people here are doing it. Without your o2 sensor your Z is running rich during idle (absence of entering loop mode)
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      did it. love it. set your idle with the screw under the cables on the throttle body. it really cleans up the engine bay.

      i left my power steering. i can't live without it. and i replaced the stock alternator with a chevy one wire. much cleaner looking under the hood.
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