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swapping a vg30et into a z32. have some questions

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    From all of the VG30E's I've dealt with I've not noticed near as many electrical problems versus the DE and DETT I've messed with. Something with going to COP ignition, among other things, just didn't seem to work out as well with age. The technology is better and it would be cool to have those goodies but for a reliable, powerful, easy to work on street car the VG30E is my choice.

    I was actually originally going to swap in a VH45DE and after lots of thought... and working on a Q45 for a while... decided against it for the same reasons. :lol: Its just a nightmare to work on being so big and lets face it, when you're planning on making lots of power stuff is going to break. Might as well make it easy to work on.


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      lol @ SR20 350Z

      Like seriously why would you downgrade from a VQ to an SR? It makes no sense. I would take a VQ over any Nissan engine any day of the week. Might stick with a VQ30DE or something to avoid VVT though.

      I know the VCT sucks on the VG30DE. Like why in gods name would you want 18 degrees of overlap at low RPM and 8 at high RPM? I'd rather just stick with an aggressive cam.


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        from whast i have read, the sr20z33 was actually highly competative.

        as i have said before. the tq and hp numbers between the vg30de,sr20det and ka-t are very close. With the sr and ka-t making more torque. somepeople are actually just scared to think outside the box.

        the vg30et powered z will be a beast!!!


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          So was this swap ever completed?