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  • Originally posted by FrozenZ View Post
    I had this in a comment above but according to the '96 Pathy service manual, page LC-4, minimum idle oil pressure is 9PSI. Z31 is 11. That's with 10w30. Just an FYI.
    I'm just gonna run rotella T4. If the oil is changed religiously at 5k (at least that's what I'm gonna do after this rebuild) the extra zinc shouldn't hurt the cat and if it does I have a welder......
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    • FrozenZ the only reason i run 20W-50 is because it's high zinc oil (VR-1) its becoming harder to find, so it's looking like 10W-30 pennzo dino juice is going to be the fall . back. If you want to pick hairs, the FSM calls for 7-9psi min, i read too. Besides, you must consider volume and weight - oil and viscosity is tricky like that.

      For billy, i'm still not convinced, these are truck motors, these are sedan motors, these and minivan motors. unless you really beat the piss out of em they *shouldnt* fail
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      • Billygoatninja
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        Well they were introduced, VG30E at least, in the 84 300zx so there's that. I bet the accountants decided the use it in a HUGE portion of vehicles after. I agree but not at the same time only because *generaly* they make more torqe the hp but not till 4500 give or take depending on the configuration of said engine.

        The only reason why I rebuilt the pathfinder engine was because the oil pump exploded and thought it was a rod knock. Apon engine taredown the cylinder walls of like 3 cylinders were pretty scored and out of round and tapered and drivers side rear spark plug hole had like 1/4 of who know what of nasty were the spark plug stated that caused the sparkplug to only be half in the hole. So yeah even with neglect, which mine was before I had it, they will run. Mine ran responsibly well before I rebuilt it. For the record just because you can neglect the doesn't mean I condone it
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