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    Trace the ground back you the ecu. If it was a short on the power side, it would have blown the fuse. Are you using an ohm meter to trace? Also I suspect it could be a ground problem because your fuel pump relay isn't even clicking on
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      Originally posted by drb5721 View Post
      Something I noticed today in comparing engine bay harnesses is that the original harness has only 3 relays on the fusible link side. The green efi relay, black uphold relay, and the Orange safety relay. The one from my other car has a blue relay, uphold relay and what looks like a small control box. Could this make any huge difference?

      Here are the differences, 1st harness being the one from my running car (which wont turn the starter over), second being the harness from this particular car.
      Both harnesses offer the green and orange relays, however the first harness which show the group of 3 together, is not on the original harness.

      Can you tell me what the fuses off the safety relay are for? Are you bypassing power to it to get it to remain closed so the injectors are always getting power?
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